Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry in Cincinnati Creates a Relaxing Dental Experience

Feeling relaxed is an important part of a quality dental treatment, but so many feel anxious or stressed out at the mere thought of sitting in a dentist’s chair. In fact, about 36 percent of people in the United States fear dental treatment, and 3 percent experience such severe dental phobia that they go without the dental treatment they need for a healthy smile.

If you are avoiding getting the dental care your child needs, sedation dentistry may help. This type of care may also be right for your child if they have to have an especially long or complex dental procedure.

Am I a good candidate for sedation dentistry?

Dental sedation is safe for most patients. Sedation dentistry may be right for your child if they:

  • Have a fear of dental work
  • Are nervous around needles
  • Had a traumatic dental event in the past
  • Struggle with the sights, sounds, or smells associated with a dentist’s office
  • Have overly sensitive teeth, a strong gag reflex, or have had trouble getting numb in the past
  • Need to undergo a long or complicated treatment
  • Feel self-conscious about having their teeth worked on
  • Want to feel more comfortable during their dental treatment

Dr. Ivory Ward Provides Personalized Sedation Solutions

When it comes to dental care, every patient we see has individual needs and expectations. Fortunately, there are several types of dental sedation currently available. Each type has a different mode of administration, offers a different level of sedation, and involves a different recovery time.

We offer safe, world-class dental treatments made more comfortable with personalized dental sedation. If your child has dental anxiety, needs a long procedure, or just wants to feel more relaxed during their dental care, we’ll work with you to determine the best approach to sedation to optimize your dental experience.

Nitrous oxide

Introduced early in the 1800s, nitrous oxide is the oldest form of dental sedation available. It is also the safest in that it presents the lowest risk of side effects. Most people tolerate nitrous oxide well.

To administer nitrous oxide, a member of our dental team will place a small mask over your child's nose. Just before your procedure, they will turn on the flow of nitrous oxide. They'll begin to feel the effects of the nitrous oxide within just a few minutes.

Nitrous oxide does not put your child to sleep, but it does help them relax through their treatment. Also known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide can even make them giggle! They will be able to ask and answer questions, and they will remember the details of the visit.

The effects of nitrous oxide will begin to wear off immediately after your dental team turns off the flow of nitrous oxide. They will then turn on the flow of oxygen through the mask, which helps flush the last of the nitrous oxide from your child's system. There is no recovery time associated with nitrous oxide.

Depending on your needs and desires, nitrous oxide may be the right choice in dental sedation for a number of procedures, from routine cleanings to more advanced procedures.

IV sedation

Intravenous (IV) sedation delivers the sedative directly into a vein through a needle in the arm. Also known as sleep dentistry, the medication puts your child into a deeper state of sedation. They'll be sedated the entire time they receive the medication. We’ll monitor their vital signs while you rest, and will administer reversal drugs if necessary.

When they wake up, they won’t remember the procedure and will feel drowsy for several hours.

IV sedation is best for kids with severe anxiety or who have to undergo a very complex or lengthy procedure.

Oral sedation

Oral sedation comes in the form of a pill or, for pediatric patients, as a fluid. They'll take the fluid 30 to 60 minutes before the procedure. Your child may fall asleep during their treatment, and may not remember the details of the visit.

Is Sedation Dentistry Safe?

When administered by a trained professional, dental sedation is safe and effective. In fact, sedation may make some types of dental procedures safer, in that patients’ blood pressure tends to rise during some procedures and sedation keeps their blood pressure within normal limits.

For more information about sedation dentistry, consult with Dr. Ward in Cincinnati, we’re always glad to answer your questions!

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